Marriage has passed me by, says Wema

Thinking of marriage at the age of 30 would only 'take her back'

In Summary

• Beauty queen has shelved her ambitions of getting married

Wema Sepetu
Wema Sepetu
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Former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu says her time to get married might have passed her by.

The ex-girlfriend to Diamond Platnumz said she wasn’t “lucky enough” to tie the knot in her twenties, and she believes her window of opportunity just might have passed her.

She told 'Global Publishers', "It’s no secret that I have shelved my ambitions of getting married. If I didn’t get lucky in the past, then the opportunity passed me."

She is thus focused on her development, saying focusing on marriage can get unhealthy for someone. "Thinking of marriage at this point will only take me back,” she said.

Her poor marriage situation might also have been contributed to by her severe difficulty in getting kids. She has famously had a couple of miscarriages that she has sadly spoken about.