‘Mwokozi’ inspired by scary experience, says Daddy Owen

Was going through a lot when he wrote the song.

In Summary

• God has good plans for me whether I am happy or not.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen
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Daddy Owen’s new song Mwokozi was inspired by a very scary personal experience from which he emerged stronger.

In the song, he says, “....everything that has a beginning has an end and my God has good plans for me whether I am happy or not...”

“I was going through a lot when I wrote the song and wanted to do a worship song instead, then I asked myself, why whenever someone is down he has to do a worship song?” The is how he ended up writing a praise song.

Recently, Owen posted a message on social media that suggested he was going through a tough time.

“Out of a frying pan into the fire. I wish I listened to you dad (RIP) but in all this fire, Jehovah will get me out without any burns just like Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego. It is well with my soul.”

In an earlier interview Owen opened up about almost losing his son.

The couple had gone for a final scan, just before making a hospital booking for delivery. The doctor had advised they go the the scan as Owen’s wife was in pain.

The results were shocking and his wife had to undergo emergency Cesarean section, otherwise they would have lost the child.

Owen has encouraged his fans to always concentrate on what makes their lives better.

“Don’t think about what the public will say about you, but instead make sure you concentrate on your life and stop seeing your life on people’s [terms] because you might never succeed,” he said.

Owen said in the past he let other people’s opinion dictate how he lived his life.

“So many times I have been down, especially when you do things and end up not succeeding in them. People also sometimes disappoint me after working so hard and I end up losing it but God has always come through,” he said. Owen urged his fans to continue supporting his music.

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