Drugged and conned: Gerald Langiri's 'most expensive date'

He was duped of Sh60,000 in one night

In Summary

• Langiri says he was drugged while coming from a club with his friends.

Gerald Langiri
Gerald Langiri
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Talented actor Gerald Langiri has recounted how he was conned.

Speaking on YouTube series 'Janjaruka', Langiri said he was drugged while coming from a club with his friends.

It was around 3am when, together with his boys, he left the club and everyone went into their cars. As Langiri was heading to his car, a woman approached him and said hi.


"I know you," she said, and requested a ride because she claimed to be going in the same direction as him. Langiri agreed and started driving, heading home.

"Everything went blank and I can't remember what happened. Next thing I remember is was waking up in my car back at the same club at 2pm," he said.

Langiri says he woke up happy and laughing, only to realise he did not have phone and money in his wallet.

"I went home, took a shower and went to Safaricom and replaced my phone. That is when I realised I was robbed," he said.

Langiri says the woman took money in his wallet, that which was in his M-Pesa, an Mshwari loan of around Sh9,000, and also his KCB M-pesa loan of Sh20,000.

"I was roughly duped around Sh60,000 in one night. That was the most expensive date ever," he said.

Langiri reported to the police station after Safaricom gave him her details. To them, it was not a surprise and they told him that it happens a lot, whereby they drug you and you give them all the details about yourself.

They looked for the mysterious woman but after two weeks, they did not find her.

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