Sheng buzzwords misconstrued - DJ

DJ Mantel, who coined the words, sees nothing naughty in them

In Summary

• The 'Wamlambez' and 'Lamba Lolo' creator is wowed by how viral they've gone

DJ Mantel
DJ Mantel
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Do the words Wamlambez, Wamnyonyez and Lamba Lolo sound naughty to you? Then you have a dirty mind, according to the originator.

DJ Mantel, who has been using these words in his mixes way before they went viral, says they were taken out of context.

"It is creativity and it just came to my mind," he told Word Is on Friday. "'Lamba Lolo' is like saying rewind and come back again, selector. People created their own understanding but when I started these words, they didn't have a dirty meaning behind them. 

"'Wamlambez' means something sweet, specifically ice cream. When you play good music, it is sweet, hence 'Wamlambez, Wamnyonyez'. I live in Kawangware and I love kids and that's the language of the kids. My company is called Agugu Family, which means kids' language."