Losing loved ones depressed Kagwe

Kagwe mimics M-Pesa attendants for humour but carries a load from personal tragedies

In Summary

• At one point he was depressed for nine months

George Kagwe
George Kagwe
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Comedian George Kagwe, popularly known as M-Pesa Lady, has opened up about fighting depression after losing people he loved.

Kagwe became an online sensation after a video of him imitating a woman working as an M-Pesa agent went viral.

In his videos, Kagwe can depict the behaviour and attitude that many M-Pesa attendants portray when serving customers.

Speaking to Word Is, George said he got into depression after losing his father to cancer in 2011.

"That put me in depression for most of 2012, for nine months," he said.

To make matters worse, in 2014, he lost his first child through miscarriage. "In 2018 March, we lost another but we have been blessed with a baby girl," he said.

George says one should try and ask for help if they are depressed.