I wasn’t ready for the limelight — Kaka’s wife

Being accused of cohabiting was the worst online troll she has ever dealt with

In Summary

• Nana says that although it is a blessing, getting married to a celebrity is somehow a curse.

King Kaka and wife Nana Owiti
King Kaka and wife Nana Owiti
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King Kaka's wife Nana Owiti says she was never ready to date a person who is in the limelight.

Speaking to Word Is on Wednesday, she said, "I wasn't ready for the attention that I get because, for me, it was like I was just on normal dating."

She says getting married to a celebrity is both blessing and curse. "Yes, we can pay our bills and do the things we want to do together, but a curse in the sense that you are in the limelight and everything you do becomes an issue. For example, I can't walk in town freely and do my things freely," she said.


The mother of two says bringing up children is the most amazing gift God has given to her. Although sometimes it is overwhelming to balance work, family and children, Nana says it is fun being a mum.

At times she has to take care of the family while the rapper is away, a thing she says she has already adapted to. "I have wrapped my head around that sometimes he has to be away, although we don't even feel the gap because he makes sure there is communication," she said.

Nana says it has not been so easy being in the limelight, and she had to develop a thick skin to handle social media trolls.

Last year, Kaka went down on one knee and proposed to her in front of a cheering crowd in his album launch. They had been dating for eight years.

Some of her followers were unhappy it took so long. They accused her of cohabiting. Nana says it was the worst online troll she has ever dealt with.

She concluded by urging sobriety in marriage and relationships. “Life is not a competition. There are no awards for 'married after campus and kids followed after'," she said.

"Marriage is not the ultimate level of a relationship, commitment is. And a relationship is not measured by a piece of paper or a ring. King shows his commitment to me and our family in meaningful ways that far exceed a band of metal around a finger.”