Give your throat a break, doctors tell singer Pitson

He has been overworking his throat, which damaged his voice

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• Star has been advised him to drink a lot of water and rest.

Singer Pitson
Singer Pitson
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Gospel singer Pitson is having a hard time of his life after doctors advised he should not sing for the next couple of months.

Speaking to Word Is on Friday, the singer said he has to drink a lot of water as well as have a rest.

"I went to see a doctor after I was unable to sing and they said I am not going to sing for the next two months because my voice is damaged," he said.

Doctors said he has been overworking his throat, which caused the damage.

From a tender age, Pitson knew he had a gift in music and started singing while he was in Sunday school.

While in high school, he would sing during the church service and in other events. His singing prowess was perfected while in campus at Jomo Kenyatta University, where he studied commerce.

He owns a sound company called Pitsounds. His livelihood depends on his music.

"It is really difficult for me because singing is what I do for a living, and staying away from the studio sounds very boring to me," he said, adding that he is hoping to get better and do what he likes.

Before he was advised not to sing, Pitson had recorded a song that he will be releasing in the middle of August.

"'Turudishie ' is a song seeking God to redeem the gospel industry, as most of us have left God and it is time to come back to him," he said.

"For me, I feel like I have not been praying enough and I lack integrity in the way I do things."

Apart from being a good singer and performer, Pitson is also a good songwriter. He is the brains behind Daddy Owen’s 'Vanity', Mercy Masika’s 'Shule Yako', Size 8’s 'Afadhali Yesu' and 'Pale Pale'.

He also penned Makena’s 'Narudi', Rosy Ohon’s 'Amekumulika', Laura Karwirwa’s 'Ni Neema Yako' and Amani G's 'Sitasahau'.