Podoka Festival set for August

Event entails special effects/prosthetic/creative hair and make-up competition

In Summary

• The theme for this year is 'Camp and Eccentric'

Podoka Festival logo
Podoka Festival logo
Image: Courtesy

Podoka Festival is set to happen on Saturday, August 24, at the Trademark Hotel of The Tribe Hotels.

Podoka Festival (from the Swahili word 'Podoa', which means to make beautiful) is an annual East African beauty festival in Nairobi, Kenya, which involves exhibitions, competitions and masterclass sessions from renowned pros in the field.

The competition is called Battle of the Brushes, which is a special effects/ prosthetic/creative hair and make-up competition.

"Our theme for this year is 'Camp and Eccentric, show us your bizarre normal is boring'," event planner Faith King'ola told Word Is.

The event aims to bring together all the stakeholders of this exponentially growing industry to celebrate beauty and art in beauty, to set a new trend, unveil new faces and grow to influence the industry.