My marriage was hell, says Kamene

Star wants to 'remain with the Kenyan men' after ordeal with Tanzanian

In Summary

• Kamene was dumped through a WhatsApp call

Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro
Image: Elizabeth Ngigi

Media personality Kamene Goro says she went through a lot in her marriage that she would not go back to.

"I was married to a Tanzanian and it was a whole hell for me," Kamene told Word Is on Thursday.

In an earlier interview, Kamene disclosed that she was dumped through a WhatsApp call.


“He broke up with me via WhatsApp. He couldn’t even spend his money to break up with me,” she said.

Asked if she is currently dating, she said, "Let me remain with the Kenyan men who I know are below par but at least it's the evil that we know," adding that she is dating a Kenyan man, although she is not getting married again.

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