Hollywood producer to shoot film in Mombasa

In Summary

• Love in Mombasa to be shot at Kilua hotel.

Kumar Raj
Kumar Raj
Image: Courtesy

Oscars nominated producer-director Kumar Raj and creative director Sonam Raney visited Mombasa last week.

The two have selected Kilua hotel to shoot their next feature film, Love in Mombasa, which will be in two languages­—English and Hindi.

Raj is a member of the Producers Association in Hollywood. The film will feature Haller Park and the elephant tusks on Moi Avenue.

The hotel said it will give Raj all the assistance he will need. Local actors will be given a chance to take part in the project, while local film technicians will get a chance to hone their film-making skills.

Raj is the only Indian producer-director whose two films were forwarded to the Oscars in the best foreign language film category.