Artistes break through online now — Njugush

If it was up to mainstream media, three-quarters of current sensations would not make it, he says

In Summary

• The YouTube award winner says social media is lifting young talents

Comedian Njugush
Comedian Njugush
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Comedian Njugush says he is currently jamming with the new kids on the block in music.

"Ethic, Ochungulo, Rico gang, Sailors are amazing artistes. They are coming up with content that anyone can relate to," Njugush told Word Is on Wednesday.

Njugush, who received a prestigious YouTube award last year, says social media is lifting young talents.

"Social media has done amazing work because if it was mainly up to mainstream media, probably three-quarters of these people would not make it and their music would not be known and it would not be played," he said.


He is among many Kenyans who use social media to share his content with his fans. "Social media is giving people a platform, and from there, the mainstream media is requesting their songs, which they play."

Njugush encourages the youth to use the platform and make something for themselves.

"It does not matter what kind of music they are doing, but the fact is that we have kids using their talents to make money for themselves," he said.

He says the government is not doing enough to create employment, and that is why we have young people joining hands to do something together.

"That is a great success to them. I love love the Odi philosophy and all other Kenyan artistes," he said.

Njugush was among Kenyan brands feted with the YouTube Silver Play Button award, which acts as recognition by YouTube of its most popular channels. The Silver Play Button Award is given to YouTube content creators who reach or surpass the 100,000 subscriber mark.

Other YouTube awards include the Gold and Diamond Creator Award, presented for 1 million subscribers and 10 million subscribers respectively.

Njugush has over 180,000 subscribers now on his YouTube channel, which he only activated two years ago. He attracted more subscribers as he generates hilarious content that appeals to many.

He says consistency is key to any online user. "Make sure you understand what your audience like so you can stick to it," he said.