Guardian Angel, Manolo unite to rule the airwaves

They have collaborated in a new song called 'Kamata', which is about God capturing the heart.

In Summary

• Manolo joined forces with Guardian after parting ways with gospel group Recapp.

Manolo and Guardian Angel
Manolo and Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel has welcomed singer Manolo into his Seven Heaven music empire. Manolo became a solo artiste after parting ways with Recapp, a gospel group.

"We have collaborated in a new song called 'Kamata', which is basically capturing the heart. We are asking God to do whatever He can do with it. Just like David," Manolo told Word Is.

Talking about other gospel singers who have fallen out after working together in record labels, Guardian Angel said the difference with him is that he is not looking to be praised.


"I want to make someone come out and be able to become a person on their own. The problem is that people do things for others expecting something back. I  don't want anyone to mention my name. You don't have to, but I will have achieved what I wanted by uplifting someone else."

Manolo said, "Familiarity is the mother of either a good brotherhood or disrespect. It breaks boundaries. I try to keep boundaries. Pride has gotten into so many artistes that they are unteachable and forget their grassroots. Guardian works hard, and he is very careful and keeps to himself. Apart from that, he is focused and knows what he wants. He is a person so loyal."

Previously, Guardian Angel has worked with fast-rising artistes like Baraka and Phil, whom he has tried to bring into the limelight.

"People are at different levels in the music industry and I'm just trying to be able to introduce him to my audience. We have the same audience but I'm just trying to introduce him to those who didn't know him," Guardian Angel said.