Be kind in your criticism of Willy Paul — Alaine

Willy Paul knows what is best for him, she said

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• Alaine made headlines when she sang the 'I do' hit featuring Willy Paul.

Alaine with Willy Paul shooting 'I do'
Alaine with Willy Paul shooting 'I do'
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Jamaican dancehall artiste Alaine has defended Singer Willy Paul over his controversial gospel music.

"I would like to tell people not judge him with hate but instead criticise him with love," Alaine told Word Is on Friday.

Alaine made headlines when she sang the 'I do' hit featuring Willy Paul.


Willy Paul has recently been surrounded by controversy, with fans questioning whether he is still a gospel artiste or he has already turned secular.


"People should focus on what is going on in their lives. If you want to correct someone, always speak hope to them because it is better than being harsh to him. We all win with love," she said, adding that if people don't agree with what he is singing, they should talk to him in the right way and stop bashing him.

Her message to Willy Paul is he knows what is best for him. Alaine got saved a year ago and she says the reason she got saved was to deepen her relationship with God.

"It feels awesome to have Jesus in your life, and that is why I got into salvation to get deeper in His relationship," Alaine said.

The 'Rise in Love' hitmaker was baptised on July 21 last year. She announced the news on social media, saying, "I love God so much! I got baptised this morning.. and what a JOY! Behold I do a new thing; now it shall spring forth.. shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, rivers in the desert..."

Known for love music, Alaine says she is focused on spreading the message of love to all people through her talent.

"I stand in His mercy and His grace, and that is why I can speak of my past mistakes because I know there is redemption," she said.

Asked if she will still perform the songs she wrote before turning to gospel, Alaine said, "A lot of the songs I have been doing have been about God, for example, 'Jah is so good to me'. I have always sung about praising His goodness."

She says most of her songs speak about love and, therefore, she feels comfortable performing them even now. "Love is a gift from God," she said.

Alaine says she made a mistake that can be made by anyone for not accepting Jesus as her personal saviour earlier in life, adding that everything has consequences and everyone has to make decisions so they get the rewards.


"I had been praying a lot and I just came to a point where I said, 'Okay what is for me that I want in my life?'"

Every time she was in a conversation with people who serve God, she felt peace and joy, but any time she stepped out of that, she didn't feel any joy.

"You go through so much in life so you can have a feel of what it means being there to have an understanding of it, so that when someone else is in that point and approaches you, you have something to tell them and not condemn them," she said.

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