Why Janet Mbugua has shunned social media

She has spent a lot of time online and now wants to be present offline

In Summary

• Former anchor takes a break at least three times a year.

Janet Mbugua
Janet Mbugua
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Former TV news anchor Janet Mbugua has taken a social media break after a week of online campaigns on menstruation hygiene.

“It’s been such an incredible week! A lot of it spent online and now it’s time to be present offline, at least for a bit,” she wrote on Instagram.

Speaking to Word Is on Thursday, the mother of two said she takes a break at least three times a year.

"I’ve taken several breaks from social media in the past because I just feel like it allows me to be present, and I usually inform followers I’ll be back," Janet said.

During her campaign, Janet managed to obtain signatures for a petition that will start a discussion around zero-rating pads and tampons, and kickstarting a comprehensive government programme providing free pads.