‘Grown-up’ Willy Paul not judged for raunchy dance

The hitherto gospel star hinted at a genre change with a cryptic Instagram post

In Summary

• Willy Paul is now doing music freely and not as a gospel artiste, said Guardian Angel

Willy Paul performs with Nandy
Willy Paul performs with Nandy
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Gospel artiste Guardian Angel says he cannot judge Willy Paul's raunchy dance routine with Tanzanian songbird Nandy.

"He is a grown-up and he knows his relationship with God," Guardian told Word Is on Tuesday. He said Willy Paul is now doing music freely and not as a gospel artiste.

"It is very hard to judge him because you can't tell why he is doing what he has been doing, but may God help him," Guardian said.

Willy Paul has been surrounded by controversy, and fans have been questioning whether he is a gospel artiste or he has already turned secular.


Commenting on Willy Paul’s photo with Nandy on stage at Choma Na Ngoma, Nameless also commented that the 'Saldido' boss is yet to unleash his true self.

“Lakini, kijana utatuonyesha mambo! Na pia naona ako na matuta,” Nameless said.

Willy Paul has hinted he is crossing over to the secular world. On Wednesday, he said there was no turning back for him.

"No turning back, I want to see my die-hard fans supporting this motion. Do what you feel and think is right,” he wrote on Instagram.

Fans were quick to respond to the caption.

Philip Mbithi wrote, "Just drop the term 'Gospel singer', and just be an entertainer like any other... stop confusing between the two please!!"


King_qibu wrote, "Pozzee the day you will recognise that you are not placed at such an influential place for personal gain, you will find a reason to live for The God who put you up there."