MCA Tricky eyes ghetto tour, job in Uhuru meet

There are two 'people' to meet here: the President and Muigai, he said

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• Comedian says he has not had a chance to interact with the President.

MCA Tricky
MCA Tricky
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Churchill Show comedian Paul Njoroge, alias MCA Tricky, has both social and personal motives for meeting President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Speaking to Word Is on Friday, Tricky said he has not had a chance to have a one-on-one interaction with the President, although he has attended several events with him.

"I have not met him in person because I have not really settled on doing that, but if I want to meet him, I will," Tricky said.

Asked what he would like to tell him if they met, Tricky said, "First of all, there are two 'people' to meet here: the President and Muigai," referring to the President's middle name.

"If I meet him as President, I would take him round in one of the ghetto areas and introduce him to 'vijanas'. This will help him have a different view of the common mwananchi," he said.

"If I meet him as Muigai, it would be him and I. I would ask him to give me a job where I can be earning a good salary."

Known for his style on stage, with a baggy grey coat, red shirt, and a three-quarter navy blue trouser, Tricky says the President would really enjoy a day with him.

He would also want to introduce him to the popular slogan he uses on TV: 'Tricky sana'.

"To my fans, I want to promise them a good show and that they will learn through the show," Tricky said.

MCA Tricky has been in the industry for a while. He has bagged several awards, such as Best Performance TV comedy category award at the Kalasha Awards, 2018. He will be rebranding tomorrow.

“When I joined comedy, I did not intend to hustle with it. But with time, it has grown to a point where it is not mine alone, but also for my fans,” Tricky said.


“‘It’s Me Me’ is an event to unveil what next for me as a comedian because I want to start balancing my stand-up comedy with my online content.”