Mbosso sneers at rental speculation

In Summary

• Mbosso said whether he pays rent or not is nobody's business.

Mbosso in Malindi
Mbosso in Malindi
Image: Alphonce Gari

Tanzania celebrated artiste Mbosso has dismissed those criticising him over his new home in Tanzania.

Mbosso said wherever one stays, whether it’s a rental house, a house bought by a girlfriend or himself, that is his home.

Social media has been abuzz over whether he owns his house, but he said it would remain his whether it’s for rent or not.

During the interview, Mbosso said he has been silent for over two months, the longest he has gone without releasing a new album.

“I will be going to Morocco after here to shoot my new video," he said.

Mbosso said he shot his album 'Nipepee' in Watamu, something very few people are aware of, and it was successful.