Mulamwah blames comedian for ‘depressing’ content theft

Watch the sharing his content on TV was the star's 'lowest moment in the comedy industry'

In Summary

-Star deleted all his social media accounts and stopped doing comedy after the theft

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David Oyando, better known as Mulamwah, says he got depressed after a popular comedian stole his content and used it as his.

"I even deleted all my social media accounts and stopped doing comedy anymore," Mulamwah told Word Is on Monday.

"It was so hurting, especially because I could watch the person on TV sharing my content. That was my lowest moment in the comedy industry."

He has been doing comedy since 2012, but recorded a short clip in February this year and shared it on his Instagram page.

Hours later, it had garnered thousands of views. This motivated him to keep making videos and sharing them on social media.

"I waited till I was done with college but spent some time before getting a job," he said. Within no time, the up and coming comic had gained a legion of loyal fans, and he is now earning money from comedy.

"Sometimes, I am surprised by the money I get from gigs with brands that have already endorsed me. Online comedy is paying, and I would encourage people to embrace it," he said.

He has kept his fans entertained and his name is becoming a household to many in the last few months. He is currently also working at Kenyatta National Hospital as a nurse.

"It is fun being a comedian and at the same time serving people. Sometimes patients show me my clips that I have already shared and I feel so nice," Mulamwah said.