Kalekye plans to start own network as she leaves K24

Kalekye Mumo
Kalekye Mumo
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Kalekye Mumo says she is ready to take a risk and start something for herself after being in the media for 13 years.

"Having worked in the media for 13 years, I feel the growth is massive and I now want to try something else," Kalekye told Word Is yesterday.

The radio queen said she was excited to start her own network. "I am building a brand that will be employing people to produce and direct content that allows my fans to get to know me in my real world and space, while still interviewing people who interest me, whether famous or not."

She says she will use Facebook Live, which will later be broadcasted on YouTube as well as a podcast because people have always wanted to know about her life and be a part of it.

"I have grown and in terms of the interviews that I have conducted, they have been out of love. I want to take the challenge and do my own things and influence people with a great story to tell," she said.

Kalekye has been working with K24 for two years. Her first episode of the show was aired in 2017. She also hosted 'Couples Show', a dating game show that pitted married couples against each other in a series of revealing questions to determine how well the spouses knew each other.

Before joining K24, Kalekye was a radio presenter. She thanked her fans for supporting her journey and her show and "enjoying the quality of entertainment that I have been providing. This is not the end as I am now taking it to the next level".

Her advice to young media people is to keep pushing for whatever goals they want to achieve and look for those people who will help them grow.

"Nothing is gonna be easy but you got to keep pushing. The minute you are a centre of influence, there is always that person who is gonna hate or love. If you are ever trolled, think about the issue and try to find out if there is some truth in it. There are times people are going through something in their lives so they want to relieve themselves on your posts," she said.