DJ Shiti's 'Okoa Mrembo' project to save prostitutes

Comedian DJ Shiti is starting a new project called 'Okoa Mrembo' to uplift commercial sex workers.

"I want to change their lives because they are the people who welcomed me in the city when no one wanted me,"  Shiti told Word Is yesterday.

In previous interviews, DJ Shiti has spoken about how he was homeless and would spend nights in the streets as the twilight girls went about their nightly duties.

Dj Shiti who is famed for his role in the TV drama Real Househelps of Kawangware says his worst experience in his career was when he was starting out.

During the show, he was booed off stage. Beside this he also said that his lowest moment was when comedia Ayieya died in a raod accident. 

"I lost someone who welcomed me to comedy someone i looked up to," he said.

Adding that his life goal and ambition is "to spread my comedy to the whole world so that people can know who I am."