Njeri Kaberere talks about being a young widow

Her gospel artist husband was electrocuted five years ago

In Summary

• It has not been easy balancing work and parenting but she has done it by God's grace

• Husband passed on when she was pregnant with their second child

Njeri Kaberere with son Ulah and daughter Njoki
FAMILY: Njeri Kaberere with son Ulah and daughter Njoki
Image: Instagram

It's been almost five years since the gospel fraternity lost one of its best artists, Peter Kaberere who was electrocuted at his car wash.

His death shook many, especially his widow Njeri who was pregnant with their second child.

Speaking exclusively to The Star, Njeri said it has not been easy balancing work and parenting but she has done it by God's grace.

"Apart from work, there are so many things I do. I make sure that if I am not home in the evening I have to wake up very early to talk to them and pray with them, go through their homework.

"On Saturday when I do not have any events, I shower them, we sometimes go to hang out with my mum-in-law. However, I spend all my Sundays with them.

"When I do not have events in the evening I spend my time with them. It’s not easy though because sometimes I am so tired.”

Sometimes when a child loses a parent we assume they are too young to understand what is happening, but that is not the case with Kaberere's son Ulah.

Njeri said her son understands that his father passed away and he has been very supportive, despite his tender age.

“My son Ulah is a sharp boy. My memory has gone down after Njoki’s birth due to hormonal changes and after the loss of my husband.

"So Ulah keeps reminding me of things I was supposed to do with them or things I am supposed to do for myself.

"He knows everything that happened [his father's death] and he really supports me.

"Ulah also reminds me of his dad given that he is a copyright of his dad, his character and all."

Njeri said she has maintained a good relationship with Kaberere's parents.

"Oh my gosh, they are like my parents. Even when my kid's close school they usually go to stay with them.

"They are both pastors and I am just blessed to have them."

Njeri said she would love to work with other widows but she has very little time. She however helps when a case is brought to her.

"I would love that and so much more but I can't multi-task.

"My Instagram DM and Facebook inbox are full of stories of what widows out there are going through.

"What I do is that when a person approaches me with such cases I pick up the number of the person affected and reach out to them. That is my ministry"

Her final advice to those mourning a loved one is, "Take time and grieve because when you do not grieve and you hold things [in] it can lead to depression.

"Grieve for yourself and not for other people. People tell you not to do this or that yet they have not been through what you have been through.

Mourn your own way and never let anyone dictate how you should mourn. If you want to scream just scream.

Lastly, mourning depends on how you lost your loved one."