It is not the first time Nyce left marriage - Tito

Nyce Wanjeri with her husband Tito and their daughter
Nyce Wanjeri with her husband Tito and their daughter

Former Auntie Boss actress Nyce Wanjeri and her husband Titus, popularly known as Tito Wagithomo, are no longer an item.

"I did not leave Nyce, but it was her who left together with our daughter," Tito told Word Is last week.

"It was not the first time she left me. When her mother died a few years ago, she had left me again. I came back home and found no one and nothing in the house, but I took her back after she reformed and even got saved."

The two have been in married for nine years. Tito says that Nyce has been an absentee mother and wife to the family.

"I started working during the day so I could take care of our daughter because I noticed that most of the time, we were both away," he said.

In a previous interview, Nyce said the two separated because Tito disrespected her, and they couldn’t seek her family’s intervention because he has never visited them.

"We had planned, in the course of the relationship, that he would visit my parents and formally ask them to bless our union. I asked him, several times, why he hasn’t even mentioned to me about plans of visiting my parents… On my end, however, he introduced me to his parents."

Tito responded, saying that everytime he wanted to meet her uncles, Nyce always had issues with her family that hindered him from visiting the family.

"Her mother gave her the go-ahead of us being together. All the times I wanted to meet the family it was hard because she had not solved issues and I wouldn't know how to tell my family to visit her uncles."

"She was 20 years and I was 21 years when we met, we had nothing to present, but now we were ready to even do a wedding but unfortunately she left me," he said.