Njambi Koikai hails mother’s strength

Njambi Koikai /COURTESY
Njambi Koikai /COURTESY

Njambi Koikai is celebrating her mother for being strong all through her daughter's struggle with endometriosis.

Njambi has been sick for 19 years and has had 15 surgeries, but her mother's support has never wavered.

"I think my mum is the strongest woman on earth," she wrote on social media. "Her mother had pancreatic cancer stage 4 while I was in hospital undergoing surgeries for a condition we knew nothing about. She's had to take care of us and take care of herself.

"I write in tears and I tell God whatever it is, I will fight for my mum and my sister. I will finish strong because I need them to be happy and smile. I want to give my mom and my sis the best."