[PHOTOS] Meet Akothee's parents, they are political big wigs!

Akothee on holiday in Switzerland.
Akothee on holiday in Switzerland.

Singer Akothee comes from a family of politicians. The singer who makes headlines based on her social media posts and actions on and of stage has a very sober background. Akothee grew up in a household with parents that worked for the government and one who eventually became a politician.

She seems to have picked a thing or two from her parents. During her flamboyant homecoming, Akothee was received by a Women's group from Migori which she supports.

“I don't have much but the little I have, I give to the woman's group to carry out their projects. My fiancé had offered to fly me in first class but I told him I need the money to do a project for a Woman's group in Migori County and he obliged me,” Akothee said.

Fans got to meet Akothee's parents over the weekend as she celebrated her double wins. The Yuko Moyoni star was named Best Female Artiste by American based awards; AFRIMMA and AEAUSA.

Driving off

from JKIA, Akothee's convoy included a pearly white stretch limousine with custom plates and Nairobi's hottest matatu, Phantom. The same one that Trey Songz rode in when he was in Kenya.

Here are the details -->

In true Akothee style, the reception at the airport, lucnh with fans and an expensive cocktaip party at Sankara cost Sh2.5 million.

Anyhow, the singer got to introduce her parents to her fans. She also revealed she may have been a wild child as a teenager.

"You can mess up as a teenager but you still have a chance to put a smile on your parents faces & they always have a room to believe in you again, hakuna kama mzazi, do good things in darkness it will be seen on a broad daylight light it's never too late to make a step of change," Akothee wrote.

Ladies and gentlemen meet Akothee's mum and dad. Her father,

Joshua Owino Kokeyo, is a former District Officer and her mother, Honourable Monica Yunita Kokeyo is the seating Migori MCA. She intends to run for the same seat in the upcoming elections.

Here are the photos of Akothee's parents whom she flew in from Migori for the homecoming.

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