After Lillian Muli, Citizen TV’s Jacque Maribe involved in club drama

Citizen TV news anchor Jacque Maribe.
Citizen TV news anchor Jacque Maribe.

Citizen TV news anchor Lillian Muli has been the talk of the town after clip surfaced online showing her having an altercation with a waitress.

In the video, the screen siren is heard yelling at a lady who was serving her while complaining about poor customer service at the upmarket establishment.

Although many social media users strongly criticised her for losing her cool, quite a number – who have also experienced bad customer service in the past – jumped to her defense.


Also in the same boat as Lillian is her colleague Jacque Maribe as she recently had first-hand experience of the same.

Jacque says that after a long drive, she and her friend decided to pass by a popular joint in Nakuru to have a meal.

After settling in the VIP section and ordering nyama, the presenter and her friend were asked to pave way for some celebrities who were scheduled to perform at the club.

Although they maintained their cool and left willingly, Jacque was not pleased with how they were handled and she took to Instagram to rant about it.

She posted: "Normally I wouldn’t, but bad manners is bad manners. ...sit us here after a long drive, hunger stop, serve, and after that first nyama byte, @octopizzo is coming, so we should clear from VIP.

"Now raia like me we stay hungry because we don’t know what #BankOtuch is?"

In a rejoinder, an unapologetic lady who is believed to be part of the club’s management asked Jacque (in her Instagram post) where she expected the guests to sit after occupying the VIP area.

However, the club later apologised for the mishap.

"We apologise if you felt sidelined and deeply regret.

"The service person attending to you should have advised you those tables as indicated were reservation already and should have re allocated you another table."