Gay music video makers defend raunchy song

Screen grab from the video
Screen grab from the video

After the Kenya Film Classification Board banned a music video depicting same sex relationships by Kenyan band Art Attack, the band members have come out to defend themselves.

KFCB banned the video titled Same Love (Remix) because "it does not adhere to the morals of the country".

In an email interview with Word Is, Art Attack said: "Obviously, someone alerted KFCB about the video. It's that simple, really. Either that or they stalk me. And were among the first people to watch it after it dropped. Kidding, they must have heard it from the grapevine, really. And then sprung to action."

What went through your head when they banned it? "Nothing. I expected a ban anyway. I was actually surprised it took that long — a week — for them to eventually ban it. So I wasn't surprised. Bans happen all the time. These are the same guys who banned 50 Shades of Grey, right? And still allow us to watch Empire, Haves and Have Nots and other shows with a strong gay narrative? Hmmm. OK."

The group of rappers under the Art Attack umbrella are not featured in the music video. It features known LGBT faces like Noti Flow, Joji Baro, Binyavanga Wainaina and the late South African music legend Brenda Fassie.

"I was inspired by Michael Jackson's decision not to feature in music videos for his social conscience songs 'Cry' and 'Heal the World'. I followed the same pattern. And stayed away from the video myself," he said.

They added that KFCB has not seen the last of them, as they have 'big plans'. "We can't divulge what's in store. Surely, you will have to wait and watch it happen. KFCB's ban is not the end of the narrative. But the interesting start. We're emboldened. And will be rolling out hotter stuff in no time."

In conclusion, the group noted: "What adults do in the confines of their bedroom is their own business. Not anyone else's. Not the government's. Nor the public's. And certainly not the business of Twitter users. Live and let live. As for the Bible-quoting bigots, start a church. We are not listening."

By the time we went to press, the banned video had more than 110,000 views on YouTube.

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