Adelle speaks out on cyber bullying after Willy Paul's rant

Adelle Onyango.
Adelle Onyango.

KISS FM presenter Adelle Onyango (right) has spoken out on the harrowing cyber bullying experience meted on her after singer Willy Paul called her a “lesbian” on national radio.

“After he went on national radio he called me a LESBIAN (is that an insult?) because I refused to date him — and said he can’t be lying because he’s a gospel artist, Kenyans online (mostly Twitter) begun probably the worst stint of cyber bullying I’ve EVER experienced. That’s about the time I came to the personal conclusion that Willy Paul is about as genuine in his music as Kanyari is, in his sermons,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

She continued, “I was called a ‘Malaya’ and told I look like after being raped I got HIV — all this by STRANGERS online. Yeah they tell you not to let things folks say to you online get to you but eh sometimes you’re only human. We need to stop being so GULLIBLE when it comes to God. Anyone throws the word God at us and we believe EVERYTHING and ANYTHING they say!”

Adelle, who started her career in acting on Tuesday for the second season of TV drama series Stay, says that she almost lost herself becauseof self-doubt.

“I lost many years of success because of not believing in myself. I almost became someone else because of believing in others more than in myself. It took a conscious effort to believe and to feel with my whole being that I am indeed worthy of the greatness I’m destined for,” she says.

In an initiative titled #ProjectSHE, Adelle has gone across the continent (and further) gathering stories of conquest from different women. And from men, she gathered stories of them celebrating different women in their lives.

Each day in April, one story will be shared and at the end of the month, the project’s anthem will be released. It will then be followed by a nationwide tour of inspirational talks across universities, churches and high schools in Kenya.

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