Tony Mochama on why he is suing over sexual assault case

Author and journalist Tony Mochama
Author and journalist Tony Mochama

Author and journalist Tony Mochama has spoken out about why he opted to sue two women who accuse him of sexual harassment.

“By suing them for defamation, I am not trying to “silence” anyone. I am exercising the only lawful remedy open to me as a human being, a Kenyan. If anything, they should embrace this suit with open arms as i am providing them with an avenue to be heard and their tall tale to be thoroughly and logically examined by a court of law,” Tony Told Word Is.

He is being accused by poet Shailja Patel and Prof Wambui Mwangi for an alleged sexual assault on September 20, 2014 at a lunch meeting at the home of Prof Wambui.

The meeting was to discuss the business of the Africa Poetry Book Fund with the Fund’s founder, Prof Kwame Dawes, who was visiting Kenya for the Storymoja Hay Festival. “Much as they may prefer a trial through Twitter and other 21st century forms of witch hunting!” Tony added, “Jesus was falsely accused and crucified. I refuse to follow his noble example. Slap me, but do not expect me to meekly turn the other cheek.”

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