Family fun in nature

Go and experience the therapeutic 'bush buzz'

In Summary

A visit to the park is a wonderful way to get away from the “city buzz” 

Cubs play
Cubs play

The alarm clock buzzed at 05h00 as we awoke to a new day and arrived at the gate just after 06H00.

The masterplan was to spend the entire day in the park, and just enjoy all of creation, from the smallest to the largest creatures. Well, I have to say it was an amazing day, as our plan manifested into a wonderful reality, as we slowed down to the pace of nature.

If you are planning a family day in the park, it is a wonderfully fun way to get away from the “city buzz” and experience the therapeutic “bush buzz”. I believe the following basic tips could make your day really fantastic.


1) Try to preplan your food and drinks in advance 2) Use a cooler box with ice packs to keep food and drinks fresh and cold

3) It’s worth waking up very early for a game drive 4) Stop at a picnic site for a meal together 5) Pack a good set of binoculars 6) A map and some basic ID books are useful when seeing various species 7) Having a decent camera helps to enhance the experience as you can capture some of your sightings in the form of photos

8) Don’t travel too much, take time to sit and relax at various dams and treed areas 9) Don’t worry about finding lions first, rather focus on enjoying every species and then if a lion sighting happens, it will be a special bonus

10) If you have young children, take nature theme children’s books, colouring books and games; don’t take long drives 11) Slow down to the pace of nature, and relax!

The tranquil peace in the park is tangible and very real. A day in the park is a real “soul tonic” medicine for the inner being, an escape from the fast-paced world around us.

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