Ngare Ndare: The pride of Borana village

Visit to ecological wonder inspires writer to be environmental champion

In Summary

• Forest boasts blue waters, elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, zebras, many bird species

As we were following the riders, we diverted and entered a forest. The riders had to go through the forest to see why conservation of the environment is important and the need to preserve it. This was a move by the Mount Kenya Trust, who wanted to create awareness on the preservation and need to take care of the environment around Mt Kenya.

The Ngare Ndare forest in Nanyuki, which harbours indigenous trees such as acacias and baobabs, is the pride of Borana village. The road to the forest was rough, rocky and hilly. At some point, we had to pass through rivers and got stuck at several points. But thanks to the driver’s driving skills we were able to rescue ourselves from that mishap.

As we continued to cruise through the green vegetation with fresh air and cool breeze, some of the bike riders passed us at a speed almost equivalent to that of a cheetah rushing to get to the finish line. We reached a bush through the forest when one of the Mount Kenya Trust rangers spotted an elephant.


Immediately it saw us, it moved deeper into the thicket, as though afraid of us. With lots of excitement, I took out my phone and took snaps as it watched us from a distance.

The ranger told us there are not only elephants in this forest but it is home to buffaloes, antelopes, zebras and different types of bird species. Unfortunately, I only saw the elephant. I was told if I wanted to see the other animals, a game drive in the evening would give me the opportunity.

We made our way to an open space and in the middle of it lay a very tall stairway. I was made to know that it was the so-called canopy. I was excited and asked if I could go up and my wish was granted. In no time, I was on my way up.

I was soon 27 feet off the ground with an awesome, breathtaking view that stole my heart. My mouth was wide open as I took in the view. The green trees and the cool breeze was enough to make me feel like a young toddler learning how to walk. I was finally at the canopy walkway.

I was told on a good day I would have seen elephants. I so wanted to see an elephant while on top, but the timing was not right as it was late in the afternoon and they were nowhere close. I took a walk on the walkway, enjoying the view of the scenery of beautiful trees and green environment. This gave me reason to push for environmental conservation.

After enjoying the cool breeze and scenery, I was on my way down, heading back to the camp. I had enjoyed the short trip around the forest. Though I did not have enough time to tour the place, I can recommend it to people who love nature.

It is also a good getaway from the city, where one can enjoy their time alone in the wild but just get prepared to carry a sweater and sleeping bag if you have a tent to deal with the cold weather at night. This is your go-to place around Nanyuki, where you can enjoy nature and get to see wildlife.