Quarancation to Dubai

Quarantine doesn’t mean have to mean boredom in the house

In Summary

• Virtual tourism is the kind you take while in the comfort of your house

The Burj Khalifa, Dubai
The Burj Khalifa, Dubai

No, we are not suggesting you get on a flight to Dubai for vacation. The kind of quarancation we are suggesting is the kind you take while in the comfort of your house.

Destinations are playing their part to ensure we fight the Covid-19 spread and that doesn’t mean we have to be bored and depressed in the house as we overcome the pandemic.

For those who always wanted to visit Dubai and have not gotten to yet, the below guide provides activities that you can enjoy through virtual tours and docuseries before your dream vacation.


From the comfort of your seat, immerse yourself in regional culture through virtual tours of some of Dubai’s best museums like the Dubai Museum. The Museum is a must-visit for anyone interested in experiencing the historical sights, sounds and scents of pre-modern UAE and discovering how Dubai’s great visionary leadership guided the city into becoming the vibrant place it is today.

Etihad Museum is located in the exact place where the UAE was founded, making it the perfect place to explore the story of how it all began. Learn about Dubai’s traditional way of life by touring through the narrow lanes of Al Fahidi Historical District where visitors can soak up history and heritage of the city. A virtual stroll through this district will take you back in time, but very much sustain the city’s cultural essence as it houses and incubates a number of cultural activities including, art, arts and culture societies and specialised museums.


Experience regional art through virtual tours of some of Dubai’s best art showcases. The Third Line art gallery in Al Quoz represents and supports contemporary Middle Eastern art on a local, regional and global level and is giving art lovers their fix through online virtual tours of its gallery. Virtual visitors can sign up with Art Basel to view the online viewing rooms.


Get a taste of world-class culinary creations by renowned Dubai chefs from the comfort of your couch. Dubai-based chef, and ex-head of Waka, Roberto Segura creates healthy dishes each week. Segura promotes clean eating through his easy-to-make, plant-based cuisine that can be prepared from supermarket-bought ingredients. Tune in to Segura’s YouTube channel Cooking With Roberto and his IGTV @chef_robertosegura


Learn more about Dubai’s magnificent landmarks like the Burj Khalifa which will be featured in documentary series “BIG!” hosted by Richard Hammond. The series focuses on the most daring and the largest engineering feats around the world. Viewers can tune in to Discovery Channel and Amazon Prime for the full episode dedicated to the miraculous structure. 

With Dubai 360, the world’s largest and highest quality virtual tour programme, it has never been easier to experience some of the city’s history and heritage. The programme gives visitors access to a number of Dubai’s landmarks from anywhere in the world, including cascading rooftop views over the entire expanse of the city.