How to stop getting Twitter’s suggested tweets

A quick and easy trick will stop the annoying suggested content from bugging you again.

In Summary

• The Twitter algorithm may think that you are interested in these tweets but most of them are usually annoying.

• You can always unmute the suggestions again if you want to.

Sometimes it can get annoying, receiving notifications of suggested tweets from accounts you barely follow.

Well, the Twitter algorithm may think that you are interested in these tweets despite most of them being boring or uninteresting.

Thankfully, a quick and easy trick will keep the suggested tweets from bugging you again.

As shared by Samantha Wallschlaeger, muting the keywords that Twitter uses for suggested content (such as “suggest_activity_tweet”) will eliminate the unnecessary posts from your timeline.

This is an old trick that has worked reliably for years, though it will not keep promoted posts off your feed.

Go to settings>Notifications>Filters>Mute notifications.

From there choose notifications you would like to mute.

Tap on muted words, scroll to the add button, then add one word, hashtag or handle at a time.

Once done, scroll up and tap ‘save’ to mute the chosen words. 

This function prevents the chosen words from showing up on your feed. If you change your mind and want to continue receiving suggested content simply remove the words from the mute list. 

To make changes on your feed
To make changes on your feed

If you find tweets that do not add value to your feed, do not hesitate to block or mute the notifications settings.


Another way to decrease the amount of uninteresting content on your feed is to change the topics you follow on Twitter.

Go to settings>Click Privacy and safety>Content you see>Topics>

Here you can unfollow accounts that do not interest you anymore or pick suggested categories and new topics.

Change topics you follow
Change topics you follow
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