Brides and Beyond fourth edition Wedding Expo

Mombasa showcases Brides and Beyond wedding Expo, one in a kind

In Summary

• Brides and Beyond wedding expo was packed with 60 exhibitors from Mombasa

• Wedding gown, cakes, food, decor were among items exhibited in the expo.

The fourth edition of Brides and Beyond Wedding Expo lit up Mombasa county, with 60 exhibitors this year surpassing last year’s 36.

Expo CEO Kokie Rading launched the event on Saturday alongside Mvita MP Abdhulswamad Nassir, who sponsored Skills Mtaani, one of the exhibitors.

There was everything from fashionable and adorable wedding gowns to cakes, to make-up, to different foods, exquisite decor and other things you would need to make your D-day memorable.


The hall housing the different exhibitors was so full, some had to set their exhibitions outside. Rading, who was born and raised in Mombasa, said people should remove the notion that Mombasa people are lazy and cannot do something right.

“Many people have been thinking they cannot get good wedding gowns, people who can cook well, and good cakes in Mombasa, but I know people will get answers from this expo because everybody here is a resident and a business person from Mombasa,” Rading said.

She said next year’s expo will be even bigger as it would extend to the whole of Coast region.

The CEO said the journey of Brides and Beyond Wedding Expo has been faced by many challenging situations, but the team has always remained strong to reach where they are today.

“The journey has not been easy but we thank God we are growing. We started with only 26 exhibitors in 2016, 30 in 2017, in 2018 we had 36, and this year the hall is full with 60 exhibitors, in that the stalls were not enough and we were forced to put other exhibitors on tables,” Rading said.

She advised proper marketing to help a business grow, including using cash to do marketing, saying the results would be promising.

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