Wild run for conservation

Ashish Luhar with Heet Patel.
Ashish Luhar with Heet Patel.

Hundreds of wildlife conservation enthusiasts including over 300 Chinese residents and visitors recently gathered at the Ngong Road Forest, Nairobi for the inaugural Wildlife Conservation Color Run (‘Wild Run’).

The event saw participants race along a scenic five-kilometre course through the forest, as volunteers threw colourful dyes on passing runners. Post-race was a lively affair full of colour, laughter, food and good conversation.

The event was co-organised by the Humane Society International, China House, Stand Up Shout Out and the Africa Network for Animal Welfare. In attendance was KWS director general Kitili Mbathi.

"I am fortunate that my children have seen elephants in the wild. Our challenge is to make sure your children and grandchildren have the same opportunity,” he said.

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