Maximising space: Decoration tips to make your small room look big

Tips for decorating a small room to create the illusion of space

In Summary
  • Multi-purpose furniture is the smart choice for small rooms.

  • Phena Kawuondi states that  lighter floors make a room appear bigger
A finished room in the house.
A finished room in the house.

When given a small room to decorate it is evident that it poses a challenge to many.

It is although advisable to go to the internet and look for inspiration but at times the internet may mislead.

The Star had an interview with an interior designer Phena Kawuondi to get suggestions on how to properly decorate a room and make it larger.

1. Using light colours for the walls

Lighter paint colours like off-whites, light neutrals, pales and pastels give the illusion of larger, brighter rooms.  

“For a small space airy blue and crisp whites are the way to go,” Phena Kawuondi says  .“Blues recede, which can give the illusion of opening up a space,” she added.

Use accent wall colours to make a room appear big

“For smaller spaces, I always recommend using a bright colour to create a focal point, says Kawuodi.

“I then use lighter hues for the rest of the space. I also recommend minimal décor when it comes to small rooms. Choose soft, yellow-painted walls."

Yellow is highly reflective, so it is great for spaces that lack natural light

2. Use mirrors strategically to reflect light

Kawuondi advises that to make a room appear bigger with a mirror, place it strategically so that it reflects light and creates the illusion of depth.

You can easily do that by placing a large mirror on the wall facing a window to reflect natural light. This will create a brighter and more spacious feel.

3. Keep the room clutter-free

She also opines that sometimes we think we are decorating a room to make it look nice but we are doing the opposite.

Putting a lot of décor in a small room is not advisable as it makes the room appear smaller and stuffy.

4. Multi-functional furniture

Reducing the amount of furniture you have will automatically make your home look bigger inside.

Multi-purpose furniture is the smart choice for small rooms.

For example, if your house is a bed sitter you can purchase a bed that can also serve as a couch, instead of trying to fit everything into your small house making it unflattering.

5. Minimalist furniture 

Kawuondi says minimal furniture makes the place look and feel airy instead of feeling stuffy and congested.

6. Do a light shade for the floor

The right type of flooring can help shift the focus of a room’s size towards its appeal and function too. Here are five flooring tips to help give the illusion of a larger space in your home:

Large tiles

The right size of tiles makes a room appear bigger   Choose tiles which are at least 12-inch squares to help open up the space.

Light and dark flooring

Choosing lighter-coloured flooring to compliment your furniture can expand the perceived size of any room and can open the space right up.

These are but some of the few tips and tricks on how to make a small room appear bigger.

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