You'd have to be a millionaire to afford your own home today

If only I had invested in land back in 2006 while in Class 4, I wish

In Summary

• The truth is, many of us might never actually be able to own our own homes 

• Unless employers decide to pay employees according to the rise in the rate of inflation and the general rise in the cost of living

A couple moves into a new house
A couple moves into a new house

I don’t know how much time you spend on the Internet browsing and what not, but since we are in the 21st century already, I bet it’s quite a bit.

For me, a bit is almost four hours a day.

And not four hours all at once. I like to spread it out across the day so I don’t end up being miserable.

Anyway, this isn’t going to be a lecture on how long your screen time should be.

I actually wanted to ask you guys a question.

Have you come across that meme where the guy says he (or she) wishes they had bought a house back in, let’s say, 2006, when prices had not yet skyrocketed?

I love that meme. Sometimes I’m up at night, thinking about it and laughing like a maniac in my head.

I hope everyone here knows what a meme is, by the way. I don’t want to go into the details of explaining it.

Anyway, you would think that the meme is very valid in its point, right?

Even now, financial gurus will advise you to buy assets while they are still cheap so they can grow in profit over the years.

Or in this case, you will be laughing at people complaining about how they can’t buy land or a house in the current market because they simply cannot afford the outrageous prices right now.

But what makes this meme even funnier is the sarcasm because most people making these memes, wishing they had been wiser back in 2006, were probably still in primary school back then.

Millennials have a weird sense of humour. I love us.

Personally, I was in Class 4.

My biggest worry back then was that my arch enemy, a boy, would take my spot at first place in class. I was very competitive.

But what I should have been worrying about is accumulating assets so I could be a millionaire by now.

And honestly, you have to be a millionaire now to own a home, especially in this Nairobi of ours.

So the next logical thing to do would be to buy land or a house that is not in the city, right?

I don’t know what you guys are doing for a living, but there is no way I am getting my hands on more than a million Kenya shillings, or even dollars, and making that home ownership dream come true.

I would probably need to save for many years. I can’t even do the mathematics of how many years I would need.

Perhaps if I won a lottery, which is a one in a million chance. Also, I don’t play lotteries.

A very harsh reality for many of us right now is that we might never actually be able to own our own homes. Ever.

Unless employers decide to pay employees according to the rise in the rate of inflation, recessions, taxes and the general rise in the cost of living.

But then again, the same employers are struggling to keep afloat because of the same things.

It’s a cycle that keeps on going round and round.

Just as we will keep on paying rent month after month.

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