Baby’s first winter!

I exposed my baby to the frigid temperatures without getting him sick

In Summary

• My son has always had a hot body. Even in this cold weather, I don't overdress him


A big part of my fears about immigrating up North was consumed by the fact that our move was happening at the end of autumn, which meant that a good part of our adjustment period would take place in the winter. I have had the privilege of travelling in all types of weather, so this was not my first winter abroad. I was more worried about the baby. 

Will he adjust well? Will he be too cold? Worse still, what if he catches a cold? I was so used to the comfort that Kenya provides. For instance, whenever my baby would catch a cold, I would call up my favourite pharmacist, explain the symptoms and within 30 minutes, the medicines were delivered to my door. Losing this ‘luxury’ to slow medical systems was not something I was looking forward to. I dread facing the medical system in a foreign country where I, especially, do not speak the language. 

My goal was to slowly expose him to the weather but without letting him catch a cold. I was determined not to let him get sick from the change of environment. My objective was to slowly expose him to the rapidly decreasing temperatures. We started with lightweight jackets since our arrival in autumn. We changed to Parka Jackets and knit hats for the beginning of winter. As soon as the temperatures dropped below zero, it was time to put him in a full snow suit. Which is what he wears now.

With the weather being what it is, we don't venture out much, but I make sure to take him to the backyard for a few minutes every day to play in the cold. Sometimes, I take a small risk and take him to town or to the park. He has managed to surprise us at every turn. He doesn't let small things such as freezing weather deter his adventurous self. 

This last week was his first exposure to snow, and the kid was so cool about it! He was neither mesmerised nor scared, he played like he normally would while trying to analyse the snow, wondering why it was cold to the touch. 

I strongly believe that slow and gradual exposure to the different weather has been our saving grace. He has adapted quite well to the new environment without it being too much for him. 

It is also important to understand your baby's needs so as to adjust your methods to cater to them. My son has always had a hot body, he hates being covered and completely refused being covered in shawls even as a newborn. As such, even in this cold weather, I still don't overdress him. 

Since he refuses to cover up at night, my husband bought him a thick sleep suit, which requires minimal clothing underneath. With that, we can be sure he is warm at night without the fear of him losing a blanket in the icy night temperatures. 

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