Rules of a situationship

Discretion is key in this ‘entanglement’ with benefits

In Summary

• Situationship is a form of temporary companionship sustained by mutual benefits 

• It calls for open mindedness, privacy in meet-ups and detachment on social media


Ever heard of situation-ship? Maybe you haven’t heard of it but you are in one, just that you are not aware it falls in this category.

This is a form of temporary companionship that is mostly sustained by benefits acquired from both parties.

This could be in form of material, emotional or even physical needs that do not have a commitment to last forever.

Situation-ships are different from flings, which are short, sexual relationships with someone.

For a situation-ship to be successful, some rules need to be followed by both parties. If either falls in love, it might or might not work.

1. Always remember that the other person does NOT belong to you

If they decide to choose to hang out with their friends and not you, don’t be mad because you don’t own them.

Instead, keep yourself busy and choose your friends, too.

If you get yourself becoming mad when he chooses someone else, then clearly, you might be falling in love.

If you feel like you have started developing feelings for your mate, weigh in if you’d want to tell them or not.

If you open up, it might end the ‘entanglement’ or build a relationship.

2. No hangouts outside the house

The only place you should meet your ‘mate’ is in an enclosed place, especially if you are planning to find love in other places.

Avoid going on dinner dates, vacations, clubs and even celebrating special days together.

This is because being seen with this person might make you miss out on your ‘rib’.

People might think you guys are dating, but you’re just having fun. This is what is mostly termed ‘Nairobi’.

3. Don’t call each other ‘cute’ names

Avoid calling your mate that cute name that you love. 'Baby, honey, babe, love, darling'. It gives the wrong impression.

They might not tell you but it's also an indication that you are slowly falling for them.

If Brian decides to be referring to you as Immaculate, you should also call him Brian.

4. Do not post them on your social media

This person should never be found anywhere in your public social life. Remember this is a short-term engagement.

What if you post them and they denounce the relationship; will you start explaining to your followers what happened?

Second, do not introduce them to your family. How will you refer to them with your parents or siblings: as a friend or companion?

If one day you find love in someone else, do not hesitate to call the situation-ship quits and move on with your newly found partner.

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