Here is why watermelons are good for your health

Made of 92% water, they are good for your heart as the water content keeps the blood flowing.

In Summary

•Watermelons are rich in Potassium which helps regulate your blood pressure.

•Made of 92% water, they are good for your heart as the water content keeps the blood flowing.

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For your body to function properly, it needs to be hydrated properly.

In fact, because your adult body is made up of 60% of water, a person can survive without water for about 3 days.

This is because your body loses water through breathing, sweating, digestion and body temperature regulation.

Normal organ function and alertness are also some of the processes that require water.

Watermelons are a perfect fit for hydration, especially with this Nairobi heat.

Made up of 92% water, watermelons are a great choice for daily water intake and are good for children whose body is made up of 75% water.

Watermelons are packed with vitamin C, vitamin A and magnesium, which offer great benefits, especially for people with diabetes and heart disease.

Salad with watermelon
Salad with watermelon
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Melons can be eaten as a snack or in salads. Other fruits like oranges, strawberries, cucumber, lettuce and cabbages are healthy vegetables that contain high amounts of hydrating properties.

Some signs and symptoms that your body is dehydrated include low moods, a feeling of thirst, dry mouth and lips, dark-coloured urine, dizziness and headaches.

While eating these fruits is important, experts recommend balancing drinking several glasses of water and including a variety of water-rich fruits and vegetables in your diet.

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A bowl of watermelon
A bowl of watermelon
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