Find out what wearing a ring on each finger means

The left hand is reserved for rings that carry deep, sentimental and romantic attachment.

In Summary

•It’s unclear how these symbolic meanings came about.

•It has been established that the right hand is where one is free to express their tastes in fashionable jewellery.

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Wearing rings as a jewellery accessory dates back to ancient Egypt.

And besides being a fashion accessory, jewellery has also long been worn as a symbolic item.

Ever since humankind invented jewellery, it has been worn for various meanings, for instance, as an indicator of one’s social status or position, a person’s marital status or even as a complement to one’s fashion.

It’s unclear how these symbolic meanings came about, however, it is great to know that a ring on each of your fingers on the left hand represents a uniquely different meaning depending on the finger that they are placed on.

Let’s get the difference

Through the ages, it has been established that the right hand is where one is free to express their tastes in fashionable jewellery, you can stack anything anywhere because it doesn’t carry much meaning like it used to before.

The left hand, on the other hand, is reserved for rings that carry deep, sentimental and romantic attachment. 

This brings us to the wedding, engagement, promise or anniversary rings we have.

A ring on the thumb and index finger
A ring on the thumb and index finger

1st finger- Good health and wealth

Today in China, a man wearing a ring on the thumb means he is chasing someone.

But in today’s society, everything is “fashionable”.

In feng shui, wearing the ring there is only for the elderly as a thumb ring represents good health and longevity.

Today, when you wear a bigger thumb ring, it means that you are a more independent and free person. Women also wear thumb rings to express their freedom and independence.


 2nd -Leadership and status

Wearing a ring on the index finger is said to represent confidence, self-esteem and leadership qualities.

Take a look at the pope, for instance, his ring, which is an official part of the pontiff’s regalia, is believed to be a symbol of his power, and also an official seal that is exclusive only to him.

In movies, you have seen the king’s subjects bow down to kiss his signet ring. This, according to western culture, is a mark of respect and honour to a figure of authority.

You won’t see any such act these days, thanks to modernization.

Person wears a ring in middle finger
Person wears a ring in middle finger

3rd- Balance, Boldness and Soul searching

The ring on this finger definitely stands out as it is in the middle and you can use it to show off your ring.

The middle digit also shows that you are trying to get everything in order and achieve balance in your life. It does not carry much meaning and you can put a ring on it and give it your own meaning.

Person wears rings
Person wears rings

4th-Romance and love

We all know the 4th finger on the left hand is the most significant to most married people.

The wedding ring is typically worn on this finger.

The Egyptians placed these rings on the fourth finger of the left hand as they believed that there was a 'vein of love' that ran from this finger directly to your heart.

This is something experts and scientists would laugh about because all your fingers are connected plus there's no vein running directly from your fourth finger to your heart, it is a whole interconnection.

The ring sends others a message about your relationship status.

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5th- Loyalty, Family and Intelligence

In movies, pinkies in the world of mafias or organized crime groups represent loyalty.

For some, to show a lack of commitment, their pinky fingers get chopped off.

Crazy, right? Some families pass down rings through generations which are worn in the finger to represent commitment and devotion to achieving the best.

In some courses, particularly engineering and ecology, a pinky ring is a symbol of graduating with a degree in that field.

Anyways, there may not seem to be much logic behind such beliefs, but if following them can boost a person’s optimism and confidence, why don’t you just try it out.

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