Clean your fridge weekly, Center for Disease Control advises

Here is how the CDC recommends cleaning out the fridge.

In Summary

• A deep clean once every two months is needed

• Center for Disease Control warns that 1 out of 4 people don’t clean their fridge in 6 months.

A person cleaning a fridge
A person cleaning a fridge
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Sixty-four of Kenyans have a refrigerator compared to those having a microwave in their households.

This is according to a survey done in Kenya and published in August 2021 by Statista.

The world today is celebrating, “Clean out your Refrigerator day”.

Sharon Chepkoech told the Star that she cleans her fridge once every two weeks.

"I do grocery shopping after two weeks so I deep clean my fridge then before storing the new ones," she said.

She says deep cleaning has saved her and her family from food poisoning, considering she is also a mother of a one-year-old.

"That is where I store my baby's food as well and with work, on this other side, it can be overwhelming. The two-week rule has helped me," she said.

The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) warns that one out of four people don’t clean their fridge in six months.

A refrigerator
A refrigerator

“Not cleaning it under certain conditions can lead to the spread of foodborne illnesses and lead to food poisoning,” the authority says in a statement.

Essentially, the fridge should be cleaned at least once a week, that is by scanning its contents and removing any food on the verge of going bad and wiping any spills.

Then a deep clean follows after two months, this means putting all food in a cooler, turning it off, removing the shelves and the removable compartments and washing them in hot soapy water.

Deep cleaning steps:

Before deep cleaning, it is good you get the cleaning essentials which according to the CDC are: Sealed bags, hot soapy water, clean towels, water and bleach.

First, you need to wear gloves or at least wash your hands before cleaning

Clean the counter or cooler with soapy water where you place your food as you empty the fridge.

It is recommended that the food should not be out of the fridge for more than two hours, so keep time.

"Bacteria can multiply rapidly if left at room temperature or in the 'Danger Zone' between 40°F and 140°F," says the health authority.

Wipe all the areas and clean the compartments with soapy water and dry with a clean towel.

Then before you return the food, ensure the fridge is dry.

Don’t forget to wipe inside the doors and any drawers that cannot be removed.

Throw away the bad items in a sealed bag then wash your hands with warm soapy water.

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