Why you should date a car mechanic

Provided you don’t judge a book by its cover, you may just strike gold

In Summary

• Mechanics are looked down upon due to their unkempt nature, but they are Mr Fixit

• Day your car acts up while you’re stuck in traffic, you will appreciate such a handyman

Artisans at a garage. Many lack proper face covering and are exposed to dangerous chemicals
Artisans at a garage. Many lack proper face covering and are exposed to dangerous chemicals
Image: FILE

In the Kenyan context, a car mechanic — especially the ‘jua kali’ breed — may not be the exact description of Mr Right. The sight of a man who spends his days in dirty overalls, greasy hands and worn-out boots may not be the perfect picture of Prince Charming for most ladies. 

However, these men are diamonds in the dirt. Scratch deeper than the surface and you will find that they are the best thing invented since sliced bread. Dating a car mechanic comes with the additional perk of a Mr Fixit. 

As a female motorist, a car mechanic boyfriend spares you the headaches associated with regular service. If you have ever been stuck in traffic as your car acts up on you, then you will appreciate the importance of having such a handyman. If you have ever been clueless about where and how to fix your car, you will surely be thanking God for such an angel as you bid bye to your long-suffering years. 

Ladies, you will also bear witness to the many days you struggle in the house to fix certain things, such as changing light bulbs, fixing the hot shower and repairing broken wardrobes. With this Mr Fixit, you can simply lie on the couch with a glass of wine or a cup of hot beverage as he lovingly takes care of these nitty-gritty mechanical issues around the house.

Contrast this to some wimpy, ‘momma’s boy' boyfriend, who will stare back at you cluelessly when asked to take care of these tasks. 

Credit where it’s due: repairing a car is a complex process that requires problem-solving and critical thinking skills. With the experience garnered from handling locked-up transmissions, blown gaskets and malfunctioning radiators, your mechanic boyfriend can help you navigate through some of your dilemmas in life with well-intentioned advice and tips. After all, two heads are better than one, right?

Many ladies’ checklists for Mr Right include a masculine personality capable of weathering every storm in life. What better definition of an alpha male than a car mechanic? Spending a whole day in the sun, going without lunch at times and lifting heavy machinery requires a tough mentality that’s focused on the job and persistent despite going home empty-handed on some days. This is a day in the life of most mechanics. With this kind of man by your side, some days may be dark and doomed, but he will hold your hand and keep his head up as you trudge through the tough times. 

So, if there’s a car mechanic shooting his shot at you, I hope this article prompts you to see him in a different light. Look past this unkempt man and you may just strike gold.

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