When fantasies lead to enactment

Alan drives Samantha to distraction

In Summary

• A blip in sexting is followed up by a stepping up of the intensity

A laptop user browses on a smartphone
A laptop user browses on a smartphone
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WhatsApp was down yesterday and there was a break from Alan and his messages. It’s a good thing, too. He is a distraction and the short break has allowed me to get a lot of work done. But it looks like whatever glitch the app was experiencing has been sorted out. I’ve just seen a message from him.

Him: Hey beautiful.

Me: Hi papi.

Him: What are you doing?

Me: Lying in bed.

Him: Nice. Under the covers?

Me: Yes…

Him: Doing what?

Me: On my laptop, working on some pieces.

He mulls over that for a few minutes, and then replies.

Him: What would you do if I were lying in bed next to you?

Well, he’s in a mood. Looks like he is clearly is trying to evolve this into something more than verbal sparring.

Me: I’d be on my laptop, working on some scripts.

Him: What if you didn’t have your laptop?

Me: I’d get up and go get it.

Him: Ha ha.

There’s silence for about seven minutes, and then another text message comes in.

Him: Well, I know how to work around that.

Me: How?

Him: As you type away, I’d go under the covers from the foot of the bed until I reach you, and then slowly spread your legs.

Me: Really? Would I resist?

Him: No, you’d be typing away on your laptop.

Me: And then what would happen?

Him: I’d kiss the inside of your thighs. Gently.

Me: I’m still not resisting?

Him: No, you need to finish your assignment, so you’re concentrating very hard on it.

Me: Yes, those pieces don’t edit themselves…

Him: But as hard as you’re trying, you’re inattentive. You can feel my tongue.

Me: Do I try and stop you?

Him: You want to but you can’t. I spread you even further open.

Me: What’s happening now?

Him: I gently lick your clit. Up and and down. You’re moaning now.

Me: You’re enjoying this...

Him: I enjoy the power I have over you, yes. I can make you stop working if I want.

Me: Will you?

Him: I haven’t decided yet.

Me: I’m still typing?

Him: Yes. I work my way in with my tongue. Followed by my index finger. It looks like your body is already betraying you. You are so wet.

Me: Oh my…

Him: Your back arches, it’s getting hard to keep your laptop stable.

Me: What do I do now?

Him: You let it slide to the side of the bed.

Me: What do I hold on to?

Him: My head. You push it closer to you. I’m licking you faster, harder.

When you reach this point of sexting, the activities you are both describing are actually turning you on and so you start to touch yourself and also type at the same time.

Me: Oh, this feels sooo good, papi.

And I mean it. My finger is now actually inside me. I close my eyes and imagine he’s here, doing what I’m doing to myself.