Why comparing Ethic to Sauti Sol is absurd

Songs of group famous for 'Lamba Lolo' revolve around hedonism and decadence

In Summary

• While the veterans are flexible, Ethic might be limited to a street wave that would be dangerous to stray from 

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Believe it or not, Ethic was unrepentantly compared to Sauti Sol. The move was deliberately made to get people's opinions on the matter, but fortunately or unfortunately, it turned into a social media furore. Truthfully, the comparison was not only preposterous but also super ambitious, and maybe it should never have come up. But because we got here, let's delve into the issue. 

When it comes to comparing one artiste to another, it's only reasonable to factor in the work artistes have put out and the impact. And when a new artiste is rightfully likened or pitted against an icon, it shouldn't be taken lightly. However, name-checking Ethic in the same sentence with long-term artistes Sauti Sol is risible.

Sauti Sol has been in the music scene longer, and over the years, we’ve seen them grow from simply an acoustic boy band to a music powerhouse that has mastered and refined its craft. Their music has transcended borders and their light has shone brighter than any other Kenyan act's. They've released an extensive catalogue of music that has exhibited great production excellence and reached enviable heights.

We can credit Ethic for introducing a new wave into the music scene. Whether it was by fluke or strategic, they will forever be remembered as pioneers of a sound that greatly relates to the youth of this generation. They've released a couple of tracks that have realised tremendous reception and are on the verge of proclaiming their ascendence as artistes carrying the baton of the music scene.

Now, here's the difference: When Sauti Sol wants to do a less sophisticated, mainstream track, they can do it. And when they want to do some serious, stout-hearted music, they can do that, too. For Ethic, they might be limited to time and a street wave that revolves around hedonism and decadence. Attempting something different might be very dangerous for them. 

It’s truly farcical for somebody to actually feel the need to compare the new guys in the music scene to artistes who have been through it all to solidify their status as legends in the music scene. Ethic has a long way to go and surely a lot to learn before they earn the level of respect Sauti Sol command. They are far from perfect. 

Simply, don't compare Ethic to Sauti Sol.