People are living life off-plan

We’re concerned about who is going to be the President in 2022 instead of living in the present

In Summary

• People worry too much about the future when they cannot dictate it.

DP William Ruto and NASA leader Raila Odinga
BITTER ANTAGONISTS DP William Ruto and NASA leader Raila Odinga
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Off-plan is a term used in real estate development. It means buying property before construction of the property begins or during its construction. All you have to go on when purchasing property off-plan is floor plans, maybe a site layout, architectural designs or architectural model houses. Basically, it’s buying property off the plan.

Personally, I wouldn’t part with a cent on the strength of a drawing or Lego-like model houses, but then again, off-plan property buying isn’t for the faint-hearted.

For those not squeamish about spending millions of shillings on something that looks good only on paper, there are benefits to buying a house, or flat, off-plan. You get the property at a lower price than the market rate. Reason being when developers first offer the property, they start at a low price to encourage sales.

Another benefit is you’d be buying at today’s prices. By the time construction is completed, the property’s value will have appreciated, and we’re talking capital gains.

With benefits comes risk. The developer may go out of business before construction is complete. Good luck getting your money back.

The finished property may not live up to your expectations. Poor construction quality, or the house not looking as good as it did in the drawing, are just two reasons for this.

If construction isn’t completed in the promised time frame, it could affect your financial plans.

Then there’s fraud. As in, there was never going to be any construction.

But, I’m not really talking about real estate. I’m talking about how people are living life off-plan — deeply invested in a future life before it even gets here.

We’re concerned about who is going to be the President in 2022. We’re wondering where Kenya’s deteriorating economy is heading. I believe HR still asks job applicants at interviews where they see themselves five years from now.

We are worried about whether we’re still going to have a job a year from today. Or when, if ever, we’re going to find a job. Many people thinking, worrying and stressing themselves about the future.

And yet the future is dark. I mean that in the literary sense; the future is a pitch-black, shapeless, intangible thing. Like a black hole or dark matter, you know it’s there but you can’t see it or touch it. So why stare at something we can’t see or touch?

I find looking into the future is a bit like packing for a trip, but instead of paying attention to what you’re putting in your travelling case, you’re looking up at the world map on your wall, staring at where you’re planning to go.

And by not paying attention to the here and now, you’re liable to pack old underwear, not your new underwear, and no trousers, thus you’re ill-prepared for where you’re going and what’s coming.

The future will come, there’s nothing you’re going to do about it today. As for worrying about it, here are some wise words:

“I have lived a long life and had many troubles, most of which never happened.” — Mark Twain