Men: How to boost your libido

The secret lies in eating ‘pweza’, which is known as octopus in English

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Tips from a coastal restaurant

Steamed octopus
Image: Pili Chimerah

Men, I’ve got a secret for you to boost your libido! The secret is eating ‘pweza’, which is known as octopus in English.

Eating it is as an aphrodisiac is more convenient than using chemicals, which might have side effects. This secret will also add up to the betterment of your health.

Just sit back, relax and joint down the secret recipe, then thank me later!


Women, get ready to be satisfied no matter how old your man is. I assure you that you will get all the satisfaction for the rest of you married life, until death do you part.

If you want this, then make sure you give your man pweza. The octopus will guarantee you the best results all night long.

In Mombasa, a visit to Abu Aida Cuisine will serve you this amazing meal in any way you like it.

Ali Abubakar, the CEO of Abu Aida Cuisine, ensures he satisfies your thirst for a happy you.

Abubakar ensures he has cooked pweza in different ways, including pweza rojo (Fried octopus stew), pweza choma (roasted octopus) and supu ya pweza (octopus soup). He can also cook the octopus marinated with chilli.

In the case of boosting libido, he recommends the octopus soup. This magic soup is made through steaming for an hour and 15 minutes, and when ready, make sure to eat the meat and its soup for best results.

So that’s it, just steam it and add nothing but salt to taste!



Abu Aida Cuisine
Image: Pili Chimerah


Most of Abubakar’s customers who order the octopus soup are older men who are only mainly after satisfying their wives, so they would not lose them to other younger men.

They leave his restaurant all smiles and eager. “Their comments after taking the soup are like, today the game will be perfect,” he said.

So this is your secret, men. No chemicals, no side effect. Just enjoyment from eating to satisfy your intentions. You will definitely not regret using this when you go back home to your wives.

Abubakar, however, says the main challenge he faces is when women flock his eatery, blaming him for being up the whole night because their men would just get enough.

“Women come to my business very mad, asking why I have served pweza to their husband,” he said with a laugh.

So, what he does to deal with such a challenge? He tells the men not to reveal that they were served the secret soup at his place so he would not be in trouble.

“Some of my customers reveal that they used to go two rounds but after eating the octopus, they can even go up to four rounds or even more,” he said.

But he is only out to help some brothers out.


Roasted octopus
Image: Pili Chimerah


If you want to make your own octopus, there are steps to follow to ensure you get the most satisfaction out of it.

Once the octopus has been fished out of water, it is important that the bile is removed with caution first so it does not destroy the rest of the meat. If the bile spreads on the rest of the meat, it will be sour.

Once you are done with that process, you smash the octopus against a stone so it can be tender. If you do not follow this very important process, then you are guaranteed to cook your meal forever; it will never be ready to eat.

You would also need to do this process immediately because once the octopus stays for long, then this process of smashing will not be useful as it will not be tender.

After the smashing, your meat is now ready to cook, and you would just have to cut it into pieces as you desire.

Make sure whichever way you want to cook your octopus, it must first be steamed or else it will not produce the best results.

If not steamed, the octopus feels like rubber, where you would have to chew it the whole day.

Abubakar says most youths prefer marinated octopus, and he can serve in any way one would wish it to be made.

“Here, I make the octopus just the way my customers like it. If one wants steamed octopus, roosted, marinated, stew, with chili, however they want it, then I will serve them. I do not serve NO here,” he said.



The octopus, however is not just to boost libido but can also be eaten like any other meal, where you can serve it with rice, chapati or even ugali.

Pregnant women are not advised to eat it, especially in the first trimester, as it would lead to miscarriages.

“The octopus has effects on pregnant women, which might lead to miscarriages,” he said.

Abubakar says people should not think the octopus is eaten by men only but by both sexes. But he says it does not have any effects on women.

The business is, however, demanding, as the octopus is found seasonally. When it is out of season, then the business becomes challenging.

For Abubakar, this business is just a part-time job, as he is a teacher by profession and only does it as a hobby during times he is not at work. He makes sure he satisfies his customers in his free time. His octopus business is more of a hobby than a business.

He mostly targets holiday seasons, where schools are closed and he has plenty of time to do his business.

Abubakar advises the youth to make sure they make themselves useful even if they are educated, to not only focus on their professional jobs but also venture into a side hustle. 

Abu Aida Cuisine
Image: Pili Chimerah