Nadia Mukami a wonderfully optimistic artiste to watch

With spectacular releases like 'Si Rahisi' and "African Lover,' she’s one of the promising upcoming names

In Summary

• Her public profile has developed to heights where she can dine with the stars. 

Nadia Mukami
Nadia Mukami
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How do you become an instant sensation and maintain the same energy? Nadia Mukami understands how to. Probably at the outset of her career, she really didn’t expect she would be doing it big anytime soon, but she was determined and somehow she managed to outdo her expectations. 

She's in her early twenties and her music passionately speaks for itself. She’s quite talented and possesses the artistic chops to pull it off. From her delivery, you can easily tell she’s managed to unpack her formative experiences by going beyond her background vocalist days to exploring the problematic nature of music industry as a solo artiste out to sell an identity. 

Now, with spectacular releases like “Si Rahisi” and “African Lover,” we can all agree that she’s one of the promising upcoming names we currently have in the music scene. She’s a songwriter, and from the depth expressed in her Swahili lyricism, you can easily pick out that she's a skilful poet. The way she packages her music clearly bridges old and new school flavours.

Undoubtedly, she makes music that sticks with the masses. And while most of her contemporaries are busy making music with external influence, she’s simply decided to refine what can be considered originally Kenyan to fit her audience. And like that’s not enough, she's already working with other local artistes who are part of the modern wave, including Arrow Bwoy.

In such a short time, Nadia’s public profile has developed and now she’s reached heights where she can dine with the stars. The artist earned a spot to feature in the latest season of Coke Studio, performing alongside major acts like Mozambican singer Shelly Baronet and Tanzanian crooner Jux. One thing is for sure, she's really enjoying the limelight. 

It’s quite evident that Nadia is brilliant at heart, while remaining exemplary in her approach all the same. She steadily and gradually continues to solidify her place in the music scene, and with every release yearns for massive airplay. Well, with a style and sound so unique, it certainly seems to be paying off in all the right ways.

Just coming out of nowhere and somehow taking over the airwaves, that can be considered quite a big achievement. Now she has to deal with the blessing of a growing fan base and the curse of ensuring her brand and relevance in the music industry gets stronger, which is a good problem to have.