5-Minute-Interview: Mulembe Night gives me a sense of identity


I’m good at……working with local communities to develop strategies to adapt to climate change and ensure they are food secure, despite the unpredictable climatic conditions.

I’m bad at….singing.

The last book I enjoyed reading is……Dreams from my Father

by Barack Obama.

A common misconception of me is….I am soft.

The most surprising thing that happened to me is…..eating frog meat in China.

One of my worst childhood fears is…..being poor and unable to provide for the family.

My ideal night out is…Mulembe night. It gives me a sense of identity.

If I was a politician, I would…….mobilise my community to vote as a knit unit to have a say in national politics

The best age to be is……..15. This is when you start knowing that you can contribute to filling the earth.

The best part of my job is…..teaching farmers something new every day on nature conservation. This way I'm sure our environment is safe

In a nutshell, my philosophy is…. push and push until something happen.

My idea of perfect happiness is…..when I am with my two sons in my car, they always remind me to drive carefully.

Living people I most admire are……. US President Barack Obama and Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe

My greatest achievement is…….winning the Best Scientist of the Year 2014 Award at the Kenya Forestry Research Institute.

My greatest regret is……not marrying at the of age of 18, by now my sons would be mature to contribute to the family's growth.

My greatest possession is…..humility.

My favourite author is…..Chinua Achebe.

If I was to die in five minutes, my last words would be….Let there be peace in the world.

Chemuku Wekesa is the Ecosystem Scientist at the Kenya Forestry Research Institute.