Where are we eating today? Kilimanjaro Jamia is an option

The halal restaurants are in Nairobi's CBD.

In Summary

•The restaurant is best know to serve generous amounts of food, so, you are going to have that appetite sorted.

•The restaurant does not any alcoholic drinks and all products from pork.

Kilimanjaro Jamia is one of the few restaurants in Nairobi that offer the most authentic taste of the country’s cuisine.

It is a halal restaurant, meaning it serves food in accordance with Islamic law.

Halal foods are those that are allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines, and according to their customs, Muslims cannot eat among other foods, pork or pork derivatives.


Currently, there has been an increasing demand for ready-made halal foods, such as burgers, pizzas, hot dogs, sandwiches, soups, cookies, candies, and cream, which the restaurant offers.

The restaurant, however, does not serve any alcoholic drinks and pork dishes.

The restaurant interior is breathtaking and has an Arabic touch, which makes its decor unique.

Every single thing in the restaurant speaks to Arab rich culture with a modern touch.

Hanging upside down from the ceiling are traditional chandeliers that have a Moroccan taste.

The restaurant not only accommodates Muslims but is also welcoming to all people from all walks of life.

Their barbeque platter, biryani, pilau and butter chicken are among the best dishes on the menu.

One of the things that stood out the most was their platter for three, which is a delicious twist on the Kenyan and Arab delicacies like Naan, Biriyani, Pilau, Chicken, arosto, or sizzling beef.

Being in a Somali restaurant, I definitely had to try the Somali breakfast which comes with Anjeera, Sugar, liver, and Isbesso.

To top it all off, they serve common dishes like fries and different types of desserts.

Coffee lovers are also not left behind. From Matcha, Cappuccino, frappes, and camel tea, the restaurant has an authentic way of making you love your coffee more.

Whether you live away from home and want a taste of it or are adventurous when it comes to food and want to try new things, Kilimanjaro Jamia is the perfect place to visit with your family and friends.

The restaurant is best known to serve generous amounts of food, so, you are going to have that appetite sorted.

Their food prices range from Sh150 to Sh3,500 depending on the delicacy.

They do allow payment via card, they have WIFI and great customer service.

They also have a takeaway option too if you do not want to eat at the restaurant.

It has two branches in Nairobi's CBD: one in Kenwood House along Kimathi Street and the other one opposite Jamia Mosque in Banda Street.

For more information, visit their Instagram account: @kilimanjarojamia.

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