Cute but indecent outfits you should leave in Nairobi

You won't be comfortable exposing breasts, butt around uncles, relatives

In Summary

• The freedoms people enjoy in the city to 'explore' are frowned on in the village

• Convenience should also be considered especially when it comes to shoe types

As Nairobians flock upcountry for Christmas, they should not only leave their city manners in the city but also abstain from carrying home certain outfits.

These outfits are cute, they are classy and elegant. But they are only suitable for the city, where nobody cares about how you are dressed.

Not that in Nairobi people are indecent; it’s because there’s some freedom in the city that allows us to explore.

When travelling home, you need to look ‘respectable’ and humble, but don't overdo it. Just wear normal outfits that do not overexpose your body.

Below are some of the no-nos in the village.

Biker shorts
Biker shorts


These shorts are elegant for the sunny season. They expose you to the sun, leaving no chance of sweating.

But leave them in Nairobi.

These shorts expose your butt and make women look very indecent while upcountry.

You won't be comfortable visiting your older male relatives in the village wearing biker shorts.

Women who regularly wear high heels report soreness, fatigue, numbness and bunions of the feet
Women who regularly wear high heels report soreness, fatigue, numbness and bunions of the feet


How do you expect to gallivant in the village with heels, if not looking for swollen toes?

Both chunky and pointed heels should not be worn in the village.

Most of the roads in the villages are not tarmacked. You’ll end up taking a whole hour to walk for a kilometre just because you don’t want to spoil your heels.

Back here in Nairobi, you wear heels but carry a spare pair of flats, but in the village, you won’t.

White sneakers will only give you more difficulties cleaning them, especially during this rainy season.

They are not comfortable because of the muddy roads deep in the village.

Two men wear sagging pants
Two men wear sagging pants


Walking around the village with sagging trousers will not accord you the title ‘mheshimiwa’ or 'chairman’.

Instead, everyone will think you are too malnourished that your outfits can’t fit you.

Worse enough is for people to think you are too broke to even change your wardrobe when you reduce weight.

Sagging trousers, matched with oversize T-shirts and heavy-soled shoes, are a serious turn-off to our aunties and uncles in the village.

You’ll be perceived as a joker and a cunning person.

An off-shoulder ankara dress
An off-shoulder ankara dress


Cute, off-shoulder tops and dresses should just remain in County 047.

Walking in the village exposing your shoulders and back is very disreputable.

Cleavage tops and dresses are too indecent for the village.

Our relatives back there can’t stand the sight of your chest and blessings.

House chores will obviously force you to bend and run around in the home compound.

But it is impossible to do this in a cleavage or off-shoulder outfit.